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Rubber Vulcanizing Agent in Nanjing Union Rubber and Chemicals Co., Ltd.


New Tire Export Standard Issued

January 1, China Export Tire Quality Technology Promotion Committee issued export tire enterprises” on the same line with the standard homogeneous “that the criteria.

The establishment of tire product “the same line with the standard homogeneous” quality and safety supervision mode, to accelerate the tire products “with the same line with the standard homogeneous”...


Rubber vulcanizing agent

Rubber additives have many different kinds, the role is also complex, the current international use of a total of more than 3000 kinds. According to their nature, can be classified as the following categories: curing agent, accelerator, active agent, reinforcing filler, plasticizer, antioxidant, coloring agent, and latex special additives and other special purpose additives. One ...


Rubber vulcanizing agent

Rubber will have no intermolecular crosslinking if it is uncured , its chemical structure is essentially a linear or slightly branched macromolecules. Thus the lack of good physical and mechanical properties, no great practical value. However, when the vulcanized rubber after its structure into three-dimensional network structure, its performance have changed in nature, greatly...


Classified according to the role of rubber chemicals

1.Rubber vulcanizing agent includes vulcanizing agent (crosslinking agent), accelerators, activators and retarders and the like. 2. Rubber protective additives include antioxidants, anti-ozone agents, anti-flex cracking agents, light stabilizers, ultraviolet light absorbers, harmful metal inhibitors, physical antioxidant, anti-termite agents, preservatives and the like. 3....