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Prevention of rubber aging deterioration to remove security risks

Tires should be replaced in 3 years / 60,000 km, the longest life of 5 years or 60,000 -8 million km. And the replacement of new tires when the owner must pay attention to the production date, otherwise it will change to the old but old old tires, this will also bring security risks. Tires are rubber products, with the passage of time, the rubber will be aging deterioration. The ...


How to achieve energy saving and environmental protection in the production of carbon black?

Carbon black in the production process should pay attention to the issue of energy saving. This will not only reduce the loss of raw materials, environmental protection also has a very critical role. We can produce carbon black in the following way to carry out. 1.Fully integrated. The use of spare coke oven gas, coal tar, pure oxygen and other resources for the production of...


Several Important Approaches to Flame Retardant of Rubber

The main way of rubber flame retardant is to slow down the thermal decomposition, blocking the combustion process, the specific flame retardant pathways are as follows:

(1) Adding one or more substances to change the thermal decomposition behavior of the rubber, so that the prepared rubber thermal decomposition temperature becomes high, and reduce the decomposition of the...


The rubber chemicals industry affects the green melody

China’s rubber chemicals industry develop fast in recent years, which is the world’s largest producer and consumer of rubber chemicals. In 2009, the total domestic production of rubber chemicals reached about 600,000 tons, accounting for more than half of the world’s total output. 2009 to 2010 the rise of the domestic rubber additives industry boom, the 2010 rubber ...


Tire imports fell, 2017 domestic tires will become a new trend

Xiamen port imports tires are mainly motorized passenger tires, other passenger cars or trucks with tires, accounting for more than 60% of imports. Mainly from China Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Britain and other countries and regions. In 2016, Xiamen port imports of motorized passenger tires, other passenger cars or trucks with tires, quantity, amount significantly...


Vulcanization process of rubber

Rubber vulcanization process can be divided into four curing stages: scorch stage, pre-sulfur phase, sulfur phase, over-sulfur phase.

(1) Scorch stage, also known as the curing induction period, at this stage, cross-linking has not yet begun, the compound in the model have good mobility. Rubber vulcanization start speed, directly affect the rubber scorch and operation...


Rubber Bureau estimates the production of rubber in 2017

Integrated the news of Thai media 28th December, the Thai Ministry of Commerce statistics show that rubber exports amounted to 3.9 billion 41.1 million US dollars at 11st Jan, 2016, down 15.91 percent. The top three rubber export markets are mainland China was about 1.811 billion US dollars, slip 21.35%; Malaysia was $ 524 million, slip 11.06%; and Japan, about 284 million US ...


Application of rubber antioxidant in cable industry

Common high-temperature cables will be wrapped in a layer of “rubber protective layer”, when such a protective layer is damaged, the internal high-temperature cable will be damaged, which can not continue to use, so the manufacturer will be on the external rubber protective layer to do anti-aging Treatment, this process involves the antioxidant. First, because of the...


What impact does haze have on rubber chemicals industry?

Many provinces and municipalities in the northern region started heavy pollution in the red (I) early warning from 0:00 December 17th to December 22nd, and in accordance with the corresponding requirements to implement emergency response measures, which is not good news to the rubber chemicals industry, because manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the north. The impact on ...



The IRC 2016 held in Kitakyushu, Japan on October 24 (Mon.) – 28 (Fri.), 2016 under sponsorship of the Society of Rubber Science and Technology, Japan. The conference is to make an important contribution to the advancement of rubber science and engineering, including industrial technology. Rubber scientists and engineers throughout the world were all cordially invited to the...