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Rubber additives prices are also expected to rise in the first quarter of this year

January 9, 2017, according to the Chinese rubber chemicals trading network statistics, rubber additives products in 2017 continued the gains of last year, the gains is large and supply is tight. Antioxidant RD, 6PPD, IPPD rose 40% last year, this year has gone up 24%; accelerator large varieties rose 10% -17%; accelerator small varieties rose 10%.

First, prices in January...


Reasons of rubber additives price rising in December

1.The North continued haze weather and government environmental supervision, resulting in limited capacity. ? Rubber chemicals included in the chemical industry, and a lot of additives in the production process will produce waste water and waste gas, especially the acid-base method of M. Environmental inspection will inevitably affect the industry supply and demand imbalance,...


Rubber additives price rising

This year, the price of  rubber additives products increase overall. 6PPD, antioxidant RD, IPPD rose 35-40%, accelerator DPG rose as high 35%, and a large variety of vulcanizator DTDM promoter or 15%-25% promoter, recently a small variety of influencing factors also began to rise.

The factors that affect the price of rubber additives industry are analyzed as follows, for your...


Factors Analysis on Price Rise This Year of Rubber Additives

According to the China Rubber Additives Trading Network ( statistics, this year the price of Rubber Additives overall rise. In particular, antioxidant RD, 6PPD, IPPD rose the most (up 34-40%), accelerator DPG or higher (up 30%), accelerator large varieties rose second (up 12% -20%), Small varieties rose at least (not many products prices). According to Zhuo...